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No more wondering, no more 'what if', no more anything.  Just decide.  Once and for all, pull the trigger.  Your destiny now is solely in your hands.  You've been given the opportunity to radically change your life. Just do it. What choice are you going to do?  By the end of this month there is no turning back, no giving up, and not a chance of not showing up.  You're about to make decisions that not only changes your life, but sets up a sequence of events that will make your dream a very present reality.  Get determined, find your resolve, you're about to experience lift off. 

What you will accomplish
At the end of Month 4 you will have chosen your industry, chosen your facility, chosen your location.  For some you will have even walked your location right down to the lot or building where you will hang your shingle.  Now instead of laying awake at night wondering 'what if,' start imaging what it will feel like to 'be there.'  The physical manifestation of all you are working towards begins this month.  This month is jam packed full of decisions, choices and even a little trepidation.  If you aren't a little scared your dream isn't big enough.  We can fix that.  
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