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Let's begin


This is where you learn the real meaning of 'sweat equity.' Where your contribution up until this point has been brain work.  For the next 4 weeks you will be physically exhausted, mentally exhausted, but never more excited in your life. This is where your dream comes alive.  In living vibrant color.  You will be given a tool belt chocked full of tools, a paint bucket filled to the brim with supplies and you will have a carpenter at your disposal. You will become crazy familiar with your local hardware store, and the ever important Pinterest. Youtube will be your night time television and bandaids will need to be on hand.   Your plan, your lot, your choices have led to this moment and it's time to get dirty, get tired and get it DONE! You will come out of this with your space, your studio, your store, your future.  Your destiny.


What you will accomplish
By the beginning of Month 6 the exterior of your space will be ready, but the inside will be blank, boring and lifeless. By the end of Month 6 your place will  have it's home.  You will be responsible for the color scheme, and when we say responsible,we mean physically responsible for painting, staining and transforming.  You will even learn how to lay your flooring.  Your skill level of learning how to operate a power tool will even make your momma proud.  You will install cabinets and fixtures, decorations and equipment.  Then comes the inventory.  The stocking, the marking of merchandise, and the endless supply of checklists feels so bottomless.  This is not once a week training.  This is 7 days a week, little sleep, coffee to keep your eyes open and no doubt you will discover you're scrappy.  You've got 30 days to open.  Life at then end of this month will be forever different.  You will learn the mental side of business is always present, between paint colors there are phone calls to make, deadlines to hit with official documentation, and still a personal life that needs managing.  This is where you learn business multi tasking.  Some of your best work will be in sweats, hair up, paint encrusted fingernails.   Some of your most poignant moments will be when you stand back from a task you've never imagined you could complete and think, "MAN....that is EXACTLY what it looked like in my mind."  You might even feel that very cool pat on your back from your one and only bad self. Way to go girl. You are nearly there. 
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