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A Year Long highly Intensive, Completely Immersive, Strategically Executed Path for Want to Be Entrepreneurs and those brave enough to pursue the risk.

month one


Everything starts with a dream, a vision,

a burning desire to 'do something.'

Let's Begin

A consultation, a conversation, a sentence, or even possibly a word.  The realization, the one when you have your

'Aha" moment.  Otherwise known as the Eureka Effect.  

The eureka effect refers to the common human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept.

We prefer to call it

'Finding Your Purpose'.  

But 'Aha' works for us too. 

What We Do.

We sit with you.

We listen to you.

We will even pray with you.

We help you filter through.

We encourage you.

We help you discover.

We create clarity.

We organize choices.

We insist on decisions.


month two


Where, how, what, when?  All legitimate, all worthy of concern, but all dream killers if left unattended.  

What's Involved in Development?
We help you discover and understand 
Your How.
Your Where.
Your When.
Your Why.



By now you know what.
So here comes the more difficult part.  
Answering all of the above. 
          HOW?  By doing.
          WHERE?  It begins at The Moade Center
          WHEN?  When you can. We have many options.
          WHY?  Because you've waited long enough. 

month three


This is the beginning of the action. 

To launch you need a well designed plan.

You need a well conceived concept.

You need a system of execution. 

You need to build. 

This is where you begin.

Business Names, Entity Name, Registration of Name, Domain acquisition,  Keyword Paths, Graphic Logo Design, Social Media Harvesting, Website Design, Content Creation, Video Production, Marketing Strategy, Merchant Services Implementation, Photoshop Crash Course,and more.

month four



a spreading effect or series of consequences caused

by a single action or event

You've dared to Dream.

You've Created.

You've Developed.

You've Designed.





month five


Up until this point it's been fun. 

The excitement of  your different future.

The growing embryo of your dream.

But now comes the numbers.

The cost, the goods, the marketing, the location, the labor.  This is the first place you will begin to feel uncomfortable.   

But, we've been here many times before.  

We aren't hand holders, panderers, or sympathizers.  We are motivators, leaders, and the ever present force behind your commitment.  It's only numbers, and they either work or they won't, and the sooner you figure out which ones do, and which ones don't, the better armed you will be to make the tough decisions.  Businesses won't work without good numbers. 

If you aren't making money, you only have a hobby.

month six


This is where you learn the real meaning of 'sweat equity.' Where your contribution up until this point has been brain work.  For the next 4 weeks you will be physically exhausted, mentally exhausted but never more excited in your life. This is where your dream comes alive.  In living vibrant color.  You will be given a tool belt chocked full of tools, a paint bucket filled to the brim with supplies and you have a carpenter at your disposal.  Your plan, your lot, your choices have led to this moment and it's time to get dirty, get tired and get er DONE! You will come out of this with your space, your studio, your store, your future.  Your destiny.


Now roll em up and let's get this done!

number 7


For some of you it's a trip to the Dallas Gift Market, for some of you it's buying equipment, and for some it will be using what you have already on hand.  We help you figure out POS systems, shelving and retail interior design spacing, marking merchandise and inventory systems. Curb appeal from your front porch is as important as the content inside and we can help you design the mood you have only dreamed of in your head.  We want the entry to your shop to be filed with color, with intrigue and with an irresistible pull that lures the passerby right into your domain. This is where the ownership takes place.  Where you look around and you realize,"I did this" "I created this" "I made this happen."  And YES girl you did!!  You will look behind you at a team of seasoned entrepreneurs that celebrate with you, that understand the struggle, the excitement and the fear.  You will be among some of Americas greatest.  One of risk takers,innovators, and entrepreneurs.  Welcome to the club. 



Now you have a swinging sign on the door that says 'Open for Business'.  Just when you thought you were done.  We don't mean to smile so broadly, but you are SO just getting started.  Running a small business isn't for sissies, and now you will learn to fine tune your craft.  You will learn cost of goods sold, inventory shrinkage, paying sales taxes, inventory requirements, and the ever draining ongoing marketing strategy that will never ever end.  As you grow you will learn payroll, and payroll taxes, quick books and accounts receivables.  But just think of all that you have learned to get this point. You've got this. But forthe next 6 months it is our goal to get your profitable. You will meet with a mentor 1-2 times a month to review your entire operation.  You can laugh with them, cry with them, fuss at them, but you will really need to listen to them.  There are landmines  in every business and not being so close to the trees sometimes helps you see the forest.  Their job is to help you MAKE IT to profitability.  To freedom, to the reward. Through this program you have six months to turn your profit before you ever pay the lease on your space.  On your 1 year anniversary you are free to rise or fall completely solo.  But trust us, you even slightly stumble we haven't gone anywhere.  We will be back with a vengenace to help, all you have to do is ask.  

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