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Let's begin

A consultation, a conversation, a sentence, or even possibly a word.  The realization, the one when you have your 'Aha" moment. Otherwise known as the Eureka Effect.  The eureka effect refers to the common human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept. We prefer to call it 'Finding Your Purpose'.  But 'Aha' works for us too. 

What We Do.

We sit with you.  We listen to you.   We help you filter through.  We encourage you.  We help you discover.  We create clarity.  

We organize choices.  We insist on decisions.  We teach you to think outside the box.

How do we do it?

From group discussions, to journals, vision boards, break out brainstorming sessions, and actual in the field experiences. We have done this before and as daunting the thought of getting started is, the system makes it easy.  Below is your lifeline, your home base, your safety net.  Your dashboards.  They hold you accountable, help prepare you for meetings, give you insight, connect you with your peers, open your eyes to your possibilities.

The Dashboard Icons

Every. Single. One. Matters.  Each has relevance.  With each month you will receive your new dashboard, all are intertwined and connected.  All work on any device at any time, on any occasion.  Along with your discovery in Month 1 you learn to navigate your lifeline.  Then you learn to collect, store, and retain any and all relevant matters for your training. All connected to your personal dashboard.



(click any dashboard image to view)

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