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Let's begin


This is the beginning of the action. To launch you need a well designed plan.  Not just a 'let's talk about it mentality.' A plan.

You need a well conceived concept. You need a system of execution. You need to build, but not from the hip.  You need a

strategic overall design.  This is where you start.

What you will accomplish
At the end of MONTH 3 you will have obtained a business name, an entity name, registration of name, domain acquisition, keywords , graphics, logo designed, social media marketing setup, website designed & built by you, content creation, video production, personal marketing strategy, photoshop crash course, and truthfully these are just getting started. You will be overwhelmed with the term 'start up' and begin to realize your 'start up' never slows down.  The warm and fuzzy first and second month may have lulled you into that expectation, but from here on out fast and furious in the new standard.
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