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Let's begin

How?  Why?  When?  Where?

After MONTH 1 you know the WHAT. So here comes the more difficult part. Answering all of the above. 

HOW?  By doing.  
WHERE? It begins at The Moade Center 
WHEN? When you can. We have many options.
WHY?  Because you've waited long enough. 

What's Involved in develop?

At the end of month 2 you will know.  Know if you are cut from a very elite cloth.  One that can take being challenged, take more questions than you have answers, and take the barrage of 'what if's' that will be thrown your way.  We CULTIVATE.  We DEVILS ADVOCATE.   We DEBATE.  We CONTEST.  We CONTEND.  BUT, We create loyalty to your idea. We give a voice to your dream.  If you can stand up to the scrutiny of others opinions about your dream and defend why you believe it will work, you will find it is worth fighting for. And then you will fight. 

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