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Let's begin

Now you have a swinging sign on the door that says 'Open for Business'.  Just when you thought you were done.  We don't mean to smile so broadly, but you are SO just getting started.  Running a small business isn't for sissies, and now you will learn to fine tune your craft.  You will learn cost of goods sold, inventory shrinkage, paying sales taxes, inventory requirements, and the ever draining ongoing marketing strategy, and that will never ever end.  As you grow you will learn payroll, and payroll taxes, Quickbooks and accounts payables/receivables.  But just think of all that you have learned to get this point. You've SO got this. Until the  end of the year it is our goal to get you profitable. You will meet with a mentor 1-2 times a month to review your entire operation.  You can laugh with them, cry with them, fuss at them, but you will really need to listen to them.  There are landmines  in every business and not being so close to the trees sometimes helps you see the forest.  Their job is to help you MAKE IT to profitability.  To freedom, to the reward. Through this program you have until the end of the 12th month to turn your profit before you ever pay the lease on your space.  On your 1 year anniversary you are free to rise or fall completely solo.  But trust us, you even slightly stumble we haven't gone anywhere.  We will be back with a vengeance to help, all you have to do is ask.  

What will you accomplish?


By the last day of this month you will have all your systems in place, your strategic marketing in place, your invitations sent and your outfit ready for your grand opening.  Your family will be holding their breath waiting to see all that you've been up to these last months.  At this point all they know is you are opening a business. But they have no idea just how you were going to pull this off.  They just know they received an invitation with your name on it and the suspense is just about to kill them. 

Get ready.  Now comes the cash register ringing, the lines at the check stand, the questions, the customer service you never even thought about.  Now comes the real time inventory control, the POS system working, the merchant services depositing $$ into your account overnight. And that glorious moment in the morning,  when you check your bank with your cup of coffee in hand, and there it is.....your first deposit.   You are forever officially an entrepreneur and we couldn't possibly be more proud of you.  

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