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March 01, 2017

To build a City in the Hill Country of Texas.  A city on a hill - Zion.  A bustling environment where 21st century tourism meets the biblical age.  One where a shepherd and his herd of sheep hustle down the cobblestone streets and the young tourist might just tear his gaze away from his cell phone.  A place to take in all the sites, the sounds, the smells of what it must have been like 2000 years ago.  A place they will recognize from the stories they have been taught, from a book that seems so long ago.  A performance every evening that portrays the very passion of what they believe.  A play, a story, a life, one that changed history.  One played out in living color before the captivated crowd who at times have tears pouring down their cheeks because of the intensity of the moment.  It will be an  unimaginable celebration, one masses with be drawn too, one you will never forget.    A hope, a vision, a common thread of involvement from a people across the country.  A vision that a nation can get behind, and the 270 million that believe in THE life borne out by the Word of God. A people desperate for connection, driven to bring the city to fruition, and a prayer that somehow it will be more than just a story on a page. It will be a story brought to life. It will be ZION.  

The Facility

February 23, 2023

An outdoor ampitheater that brings the story to real life. One that seats 3000.  Nighly performances during the peak of tourist season.  Weekend perfomances during off times.  An ampitheather whose sole purpose is to create an experience for the participant of total emmersion. A state of the art facility that will employee thousands.  A endeavor so large it will take a community with a common thread of belief, a passion to commit, and a vision so clear no one can miss it.

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